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  • Womens Clothing Ottawa ON

    Womens Clothing ON
  • 100 Bayshore Dr K2B 8C1
    K2B 8C1
  • 613 828 5255
  • 45.348855
  • -75.804625
  • Ottawa ON


Ivivva, 100 Bayshore Dr K2B 8C1, GPS - Lat: 45.348855 Long: -75.804625, Womens Clothing Ottawa ON - Women's Clothing

Ivivva - business info:

We specialize in one on one customer service with your very own personal dress stylist. Our mission is to create modern styles that complement the beautiful and diverse women who wear them, and to empower the wearer in her personal style.


Womens clothing catalog - offers

All sizes are possible in the patterns and fabrics she has available. All our products are unique, very high quality, and very fashionable.



Call us at the phone number: 613 828 5255 or visit our website: or contact us at email:

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Welcome to Ivivva

Stay trendy and enjoy. A welcoming store with a customer-centric staff always approachable for any fashion advice and shopping assistance.

For additional information, services, prices, products, opening hours, catalog, pricing, sales, price list, if not listed on our site, get info contact Ivivva.


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