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  • 1016 Bay N0E 1M0
    N0E 1M0
  • 519 586 5866
  • 42.623579
  • -80.450149
  • Port Rowan ON


Cheshires On Bay, 1016 Bay N0E 1M0, GPS - Lat: 42.623579 Long: 80.450149, Womens Clothing Port Rowan ON - Women's Clothing

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We are here to make your experience a memorable one. A specialty retailer for women who value quality, affordable stylish apparel, accessories and exceptional service.


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The stores have various departments, such as accessories, clothes and shoes. The clothes feel good on your skin, and the fabrics are easy to care for.



Call us at the phone number: 519 586 5866 or visit our website: or contact us at email:

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Welcome to Cheshires On Bay

With day and evening wear, hats and handbags, shoes and jewelry, and a locally owned fragrance line, shop modern chic for the modern woman. Do you love the look and feel of designer clothing, but hate the negative impact on your pocket? If so, this is the shop for you.

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