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  • Main Activity: Women's Clothing
  • Womens Clothing Toronto ON

    Womens Clothing ON
  • 900 Dufferin St M6H 4A9
    M6H 4A9
  • 416 532 5242
  • 43.656106
  • -79.433919
  • Toronto ON


Suzy Shier, 900 Dufferin St M6H 4A9, GPS - Lat: 43.656106 Long: -79.433919, Womens Clothing Toronto ON - Women's Clothing

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A beautiful store with an array of unique dresses crafted with detailed design and patterns for special occasions. Our clothing, distinctive store design and personalized customer service are the core of what we do.


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Dresses, tops, skirts, pants try anything here, they have got it all right. The store offers a suite of womens apparel in the categories of casual tops, dressy tops, jeans, outerwear and summer wear.



Call us at the phone number: 416 532 5242 or visit our website: or contact us at email:

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Welcome to Suzy Shier

Stay trendy and enjoy. Do you love the look and feel of designer clothing, but hate the negative impact on your pocket? If so, this is the shop for you.

For additional information, services, prices, products, opening hours, catalog, pricing, sales, price list, if not listed on our site, get info contact Suzy Shier.


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